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HEY!! :D


... Seriously, I love animation ... I hope someday I'll be a great, great, great animator.

Well, ehm... uhm ... Hello to everyone! I'm so grateful to be here ;)

Greetings from Texas!

Hey I'm Liz, 21 (turning 22 on Sunday!!) and I'm new here. I am self taught in 2D Animation, still learning... I use Anime Studio Debut 9 and I'm taking classes on Digital Tutors for Maya 2014. Next year, March 2014, my boyfriend, myself and our dogs will be moving to Orlando, FL so that I may attend DAVE School for 3D Animation!


Hi! You can call me Lenny. I am a young aspiring animator who loves drawing and story making. Drawing and making vivid and exciting characters and stories is my passion. I love animals and people alike, and I'm looking forward to making friends and getting to know the artist community. I have many ideas to share and things to do! Thanks for reading!! :D


I am still Alive !

Feels great to be here!

Hey everybody! My name's Chris, and I've wanted to be an animator ever since I was a little kid. I'm currently learning the in's and out's of animation in the program at my university, but I'm taking my summer to get a head start and crank out lots of material to hone my skills.

I know I don't have much say in how my work will be received, but I just wanted everybody to know that I love input. Pretty much everyone who's seen my stuff has either said "Oh, neat," or "Meh, it was okay," but not many people have given me a lot of real feedback. Honestly, even if you tell me my work stinks, I won't mind. Really, I'd rather take negative feedback that's presented in an honest and hopefully friendly way than a hollow "Nice work."

The way I see it, if I applied to Pixar right now there's a pretty good chance they wouldn't hire me. At the same time, I do feel very good about where I'm at right now but would love to know what's keeping me from becoming a truly great animator.

I'm excited to join the discussions on here!

Hello, I am ShadowLillium.

:D I am an art student and although my major is not in animation since most affordable colleges do not have animation courses, I am trying to be self taught and learn from others. It is nice seeing a community devoted to animation and am delighted to learn from and meet you all.


I would love to talk about animation with other artists and share opinions.


AE here hoping to get some footing in the animation world. Great to see such a wonderful resource on the web!

My First Post

Hi Everyone,
I'm Anne-Marie and I'm a sound designer and composer who likes to watch and enjoy animated films. I'm looking to collaborate with animators. If you need help on post-audio, sound design or music, I may be able to help out.

Please check out my profile for my website and contact info.


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Hi Everyone

I'm an amateur hobbyist animator who recently started animating. Happy to join the community.

View my stuff at :cool:

animation outsourcing


i am here to get an understanding of how to become an animator im a freshman in high school so i will ask questions

I'm a fledgling animation student looking for extra advice outside of my schooling.

Animator needed

I'm looking for a freelance animator to help with my web site and to create animations for my educational online product.

test test

hi there. :D


Hello other creative people!

My names Jonny, I'm a freelance animator, concept & storyboard artist. I've only been in full swing of freelancing for half a year so I'm pretty new.

I'm on here in the hopes of learning new things and gaining feedback but also to help get my name out there and get to know other artists.

On a side note I'm looking to see if anyone would like a link exchange to help get our work better seen to the world since that's what most of us want when we share our work. :)

new upcoming animator

Hello there all.. animators.. My name is anki.. and i hope that i will learn from u all and will post my work gain ur generous comments.. Critiques..

Greets from Finland!

I'm just beginning with animation, I have done some Flash work though but that was years ago. Anyway, I need a summer project and I thought I'd make a short animation without a plot with just some cool scenes in it. Registered here for moral support and advice.


Hi All,
This is Cartoonmil, from India. I am back after a gap of 9 years. Re joined the forum for advice.



Hello I just one of the lover of animation

Hey All

Really excited to be here to be able to speak on animation!

Hello there !

I'm a freelance animator from Finland! I've recently established a new team called Rayhouse Productions.

I'm basically unemployed right now, so if you have interesting job openings, please let me know!

Hello,I am AileenHue. I have just develped interest in animation.

getting my idea out there

I want to get god in comics . so kids will learn about him at a young age. I have a lot of good ideas. I even made a comic online called THE DAY THE AVENGERS MET GOD.


Hey guys, I'm jon i'm a budding new animator i am learning Maya and 3d Max, I would like to now if anyone knows where the events and meetups are for professional and beginner animators, looking to make new friends and get involved in new project, please reply if you can help

New to this, but am excited to be part of it!

Hi Everyone!

I'm a stop motion animator from England and I am trying to launch myself into the youtube arena!

Wish me luck! :eek:


Hi there!

I'm Stuart from The Crewing Company. We represent freelance animators and find them exciting and rewarding work in TV, Commercial and Film production. We have some very interesting roles available with Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick.

Hello everyone

I work as a designer, illustrator and animator. I'm gland I found this website to share and get knowledge

Hi there!

This is long time Disney veterans Chuck Williams and Aaron Blaise. For over 20 years we've been working together on animated classics like "Aladdin," "The Lion King," "Brother Bear," "Beauty and the Beast" and more. Now we're working on our own film, "Art Story." Seeing as we've dedicated our lives to movies, we're obviously big fans of animation. Looking forward to connecting with you all!

Chuck and Aaron

joining the AWN forum

I'm excited to join the AWN forum, and hope to become a regular participant.

Hey now!

About time I registered here!


I'm a writer and artist who is looking to find his place in the world of animation and visual storytelling. I also love to read comics and novels as well.

Guest (not verified)
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Hey there! I'm machiavelli33. I'm a New York based freelance animator, illustrator, designer and game artist. I bring fire, death, destruction and pie. Only one of those I may actually be bringing.
I love animation, have been doing it since I was a child, and no one thing out of the many jobs and clients I take makes me happier than animation. It'll be a pleasure to get to know you all!

Hello everyone

I am a young animation student currently studying in New Zealand. I am looking to become more involved in online forums to receive critique on my work and become a better animator.

New Member from LA

Hi everyone!
I am in LA, just about to start learning about animations.
I love Japanese anime and my recent favorite is Attack on Titan.:)


hello everyone! I'm gaurav and I want to be a character designer and as well as an animator.

Hello my name is Nepeta and I am studying animation/illustration in California.

I love to animate!

Hi my name is David and I'm a science professor @ Cal Tech.

Besides teaching I love to create scientif animations!

Take care,

“Believe in your character. Animate (or write) with sincerity.”
― Glen Keane


Hello, I am an animator, who is trying to gain as much knowledge possible to make my projects the best they can be:)


Hello Friends,

Iam AlisMerchant, doing animation works as a freelancer.


We have just started an animation production house and I thought I should be a member of this great forum to see what others are thinking about this great art of animation.


hi hws u oll

Hello! Student here!

Hi! I started taking classes at a community college for animation to see if I would be interested in it, well turns out I am and would love to work in this field. I am looking for someone who would be able to give me some guidance. Like degree or certificate? Community college or university? Is there any online degrees that are credible that anyone has taken? Experiences?

Hi,in love with animation.
Look forward to being here!

Nicolas MARTIN

Here's my hello and reply!

Hi guys,

I'm new here! Just checking in to say hi.


Hello, I am currently an animation student at the DAVE School and I have always been inspired by animation my entire life. Every time I try to grow up too much and take myself too seriously, animation is always there to bring me back down to earth. Haha. You have to grow old, but you never have to get grouchy while doing it!

I hope to join an interesting community here that will help me learn and grow as an artist. I am particularly interesting in the Daily Sketchbook forum as I know I need to practice my drawing, and this seems like a perfect outlet!


my name is Nathan J.

I have been bouncing around between creating 2D and 3D related art. I haven't been able to make a career of it yet, but I will keep trying to learn.