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Kartoons With Kurtis

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Kartoons With Kurtis

By SteveFerguson[QUOTE]Hi all,
I thought I'd quickly fill all you in on a program my theatre is running, called "Kartoons With Kurtis."

Kurtis Findlay is our resident animation historian, currently writing a book about the little-known Chuck Jones creation "Crawford", and he has been steadily taking us through the history of animation.

Our January and February events were History of the Fleischer Studios, and now we're going to be looking at the early Looney Tunes years.

So if any of you folks are here in the Vancouver area of BC on Thursday, April 14th, please drop in at the Ridge Theatre at 7:00. Tickets are only $5 each, and we look forward to seeing you there![/QUOTE]

It is a pity that i saw the news today, i think i missed a good movie!
But can you tell me how can i see it again? I eager to enjo it!
Thank you!