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Need TVpaint animator for a Feature Film

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Need TVpaint animator for a Feature Film

I found this on another forum, thought I would post it here just in case any of you are interested.[QUOTE][B]Need TVpaint animator for a Feature Film
by terence » Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:14 pm[/B]

Hi, I'm making a feature film entitled How Would You Feel? Here is a teaser trailer:

It has a few animated sections that are detailed below, and I need a toonboom, TVpaint, or traditional animator to complete each. Each has a link to an animatic and or test along with the duration and budget. Please email with a link to your work if you are interested. All of the animation must be finished on March 23rd. the passwords for all videos and webpages is 'hwuf'

Appendix B / Budget $1000 /

Appendix B has an animation test that is a complete summation of the style needed. Check the website for all details. here is an example of the style

Appendix D / Budget $1000 /

We can definitly loosen the proportions and a more clear character sheet will be created for you if you do this piece. The color concept is that each character is water colored and as their mood changes their colors blend and change. When they connect with each other, their colors mix. Check the sex scene in "mind games for the more messy anatomically incorrect characters and color interactions. etc...

The cue sheet is the most up to date guide for the actual animation. As we tried to go through and minimize it (me and the last animator.) Like you said osome of the pieces are rotoscoped. other's pose to pose with holds as you said. We would need to have a long convo before you tackle this just so everything is ironed out before you dive in.

An image is attached to show you how the last animators characters looked before color.

Volume 7 / Budget $500 /

The animation is pretty much pencil on paper with as yet to be determined color style. I was planning on coloring it with watercolors on paper but really just because that's what I Know I can do with my setup here . There are 3 painted backgrounds (2 views of the "flat earth," and space with a planet. I want them to feel hand made and detailed but you don't have to do them especially if it will add a lot of time)

There is one section where there is a spinning pyramid. I'd like that to be done in 3d just a spinning shape with a shiny black texture.

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