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Obama Time!!!

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Obama Time!!!

Hey Guys and Gals, it's been awhile. Work's been keeping me busy but now i finally get to show some of the stuff I've worked on. Some Obama adventures, have fun :P

The 2nd ep came out today too :P

Hope u guys like.

Excellent work.

the intent of the content seems to be to insult

the intent of the content seems to be to insult

Political humor is that way. The animation is well done, which is what I should have said. I am ok with the humor too but I like "The Daily Show" style a lot more.

Thanks Wontobe,

It was a blast to work on. I myself am not political so i really didn't know who allot of the characters were at first and had to do research on them or ask the writer allot about these characters. I offered up gags where i could and like i said all in all it was just fun to work on.

I'll keep you posted when more eps come out.


Hey Guys and Gals,

The finale ep of this 3 parter just got released, here's the link for you to enjoy :P

I also just found out that the show has gotten a write up here, check it :D