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New Smurf Animation: Inglourious Smerfs

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New Smurf Animation: Inglourious Smerfs

Check out my new animation

"Every Smerf under my command owes me one-hundred Snork scalps... and I WANT MY SCALPS!" - Papa Smurf

So what inspired you to do a Smurf theme animation?

They can be used for anything because the characters are all archetypes (like Hefty as the strong hero type, Brainy as the everyman, and Papa as the leader)... also, substituting "smurf" in for other words is hilarious!

I'm trying to get more professional with the final output- what do you think?

I like it fatmoshe. Looks pretty good.

Did you also do all the modeling??

And would you mind going and checking out my "rock thrower" clip from my post in here (show and tell) when you have time?

Trying to get critiques on it, but only got one so far. I would appreciate it. :)