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Lip Sync Work in Progress

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Lip Sync Work in Progress

Hello All,

Below is a link of an animation I started and would like some feedback/critique!

All is appreciated as always!

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So, what direction is your animation going? Not really sure from your clip what your character is going to do aside from the lips movement. ( which was stiff )

Ummmm...that's it. He is just going to speak to his "brother". Just a quick clip of Pacino...that's it.

Just trying to get some lip sync down.

What is your suggestiion to the "stiff" critique? I thought it looked OK, thus far, but no?

Thanks Wontobe.


Anyone else care to critique?

Would greatly appreciate it. :)


Did you change the video, it looks different. The lip sync looks great to me now. You even popped his lips, which is nice.

I must have been thinking about the body posture as a whole. As for the lips, I see nothing to add or take away from your piece.

Nope. Same video Wontobe. I had thought you meant the body being stiff (which it is) but it sounded like you were saying the lips were stiff so I went back and looked at it again and thoguht..."I don't think that's stiff." :)

As for the is indeed stiff as it's not complete. Working on that now to go with the lip sync. I just put some basic postures in I thought would fit and am going to work from there.

Thanks for the follow-up.

How about any other takers??? Come can do it! ;)


It's looking good so far animationhead. For all your animation you have to think of it as a whole. Why is he looking up? I would suggest framing in much tighter to a medium close up so just his upper chest and head are in frame. I would also move the camera to a higher point and have it looking down on him. It doesn't have to be waaaaay up high. Just above him and looking down. Also this way we have a better view of the lipsync since that's what you are working on here.

From what I can see from this distance is that his jaw is opening too wide and too often. It's starting to look a bit too Muppety. With this piece of dialogue, his jaw never really closes all the way, only in a few parts, like in "sides." His lips will be closed but his jaw remains slightly slack.

It looks to be timed out well, but it's hard to see from this far away.

the Ape

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Thanks Animated Ape.

The reason he's looking up is because his brother is taller than him, although you don't see him. Doesn't work, huh?

I wanted to do a full body shot as to show body movement as well (which, of course is not done), but I suppose I could zoom in a bit more just to show the upper body because that's going to be the main action of the body anyway. Good point.

I'll try raising the camera a bit and see what that looks like...thanks for the suggestion.

I'll check the mouth opening and closing, but maybe when I zoom in a bit and raise the camera, it will look better as well. We'll see.

Thanks for responding. :)


Ok...below is a link with some adjustments made. FYI...body movement is not complete, ie secondary motion and such...but wanted to post with suggestions that Animated Ape made and see what kind of feedback I get.

Thanks to all who care! :)


No one cares to comment on my slightly updated version? Not even you Animated Ape?? :)

I would really appreciate it guys and gals.


Lip smacking good. I have been reading about polishing and I was thinking that any lip sync issue that might be found now could be worked on later.