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2-D Animated short - Animators wanted

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2-D Animated short - Animators wanted

Hi all,

I'm a writer/director/animator from London, UK. I want to try and make a film I've written and storyboarded in a short space of time (roughly 4 months to make a 5 minute 2D animation). I want to try and recruit a team of animators that can work from home and communicate through the web via Skype and messenger. There is no budget for this film as I haven't applied for funding but it is a great opportunity for any animators as there is a famous actor narrating the piece and a professional musician providing the soundtrack. I've already applied for animators through but so far the responses have been disappointing. Any ideas where I can get 2D animators with experience to work for free? And before anyone suggests putting an advert on AWN Jobs, I can't afford that either!

Thanks for your time,
Jason Ruddy

4 month 5 min 2d Animation???????????????

Namaste (Hello) Jason,:)

I am just completed my 2D animation Program and now working in a animation studio as a 2D animator.

If you will send me your email ID I can send you some of my animation work.

You are asking to complete 5 min 2d animation in 4 month :confused:. You didn't told the medium like is it in Classical or paperless or cutout.

I have done a 4 min 40 second project in classical (Cell Animation) We have nearly 10 people and we completed the project in 10 months. Still it is done by fresher not experienced people.:D

I am interested and I wanted to work in any project. First you just see my work and if you think that I am suitable in your project then choose me as your team.

I also wanted to know about other details.

Thank You :)

I can't commit a set amount of time (i.e. 20 hours a week) to a side project, but if you need any extra free help on top of a set group of animators I'll lend a hand. I only really use Flash to animate, I have a little Toon Boom Animate experience, but not much.