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Disney/Miyazaki ain't got nothin' on me!

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Disney/Miyazaki ain't got nothin' on me!

I know you expected to reduce a trolling youth to smithereens, but I love them both very much...their work I mean, not the men...although, with a large enough wad of cash...asdfpkwyjibo, ANYWAYS:

My name's Isai Oviedo, I aspire to start my own company eventually because I have a deep love affair with animation. I just graduated from one of the best art magnet schools in the US. I like long walks on the beach and dinner by Hawaiian Fire Dancer...light. I've been doing self-taught animation over the last 2 years, and I still have a plethora more of great ideas to come, so keep an eye on me!...just don't stare, it's creepy.

(oh, cruel fate! The animation featured there doesn't show. Alas, enjoy my website...I learned from scratch in like 3 days, cut me a break, why don't ya?!)
(Just a gallery of pictures...-the, the pictures...they're coming...alive!

I'm well experienced in the trades of fine art, graphic design, animation, film, writing, music, video game design, spriting, I'm a youth pastor(leadership skills AND sober!) and whatever you'd assume 'ect.' meant...and I'm very easy to work with..unless you cross me the wrong way...than you better move to Canada. Oh, you already live in Canada? Ssss. You poor thing, you've suffered enough...

I'm not gonna turn this into a job application...but, I wouldn't pass off the idea so quickly. ;)

(But theres a lot of those copy/paste/run guys here promoting their company in Mumbai or Bangalore, I'M ON TO YOU. Shoo!)


tldr: I'd like comments/critiques/ideas, I'm all ears.

You thought that was 'corny'? Atleast I didn't do something about an 'ear' of 'corn' MAN.

So yes, enjoy!