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Space Temple Trailer

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Space Temple Trailer

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I've been working on a short film and recently finished the trailer you can view it here:

hope you like it

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websiteEzromation blog/doodlesDeranged Scratchings

Nice poster, but you should bring the character up closer. I think that would give a bigger impact. His head should be just under the text on the left side. Maybe even but some strong emotion into the face.

None of this needs to be in the final product but I think it would make the poster pop even more. Just thought I would say something, hope that is ok with you.

I want him to look small next to the temple, to be lost in it, for it to seem opressive and overbearing. If I bring the character in closer, he becomes more the focus and I dont want him to be. It also emphasises that he is alone to show the space around him. I think it also has the effect of drawing you in, to put the character further back.

I'm after a brooding sense of unease, "what could be watching from the walls, from around the corner", but I dont want to be so clumsy as to show whats watching.

I would also say, just because many many posters use a particular formula dosen't mean that everone should emulate it. It will help with acceptance, but I dont think I need that for the poster.

The poster has gone out, so I dont mind you telling me what you think of it, but I can't change it now even if I wanted to. The trailer I can change and may need to.

So I'm afraid I reject the suggestion Wontobe but I dont begrudge you for making it. Its nice that you took the time to think on it.

websiteEzromation blog/doodlesDeranged Scratchings