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Does Cartoon definition mean humor?

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Does Cartoon definition mean humor?

As we're planning for establishing a production company, for Comics & Classical Animations, so I'm wondering about the definition of Cartoon.

I've been searching on the web for the real definition of Cartoon (including Wikipedia) and I got that in the 19th century the comics & animation productions were all called Cartoons such as: Tom & jerry or Looney Tunes - but nowadays; Cartoon definition refers to funny / or works for kids (such as Cartoon Networks). I noticed that Disney company never use Cartoon for their work, do they? - they're Animated Films, or TV animated Series.

I'm going through this 'cause we want to make sure what's the right definition for our biz, so should we call the company:
- (Name) Studio?
- (Name) Entertainment & Media?
- (Name) Cartoon?
- or just the (Name)?

I'd really appreciate it if you can help us figure this out. Thank you

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