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3D character Animation

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3D character Animation

Does anyone know if working from home in 3D character animation is possible?

Thanks in advance!


If you are just starting out..........not likely.
If you have an establish reputation with the studios, which means having worked under their roofs, then its possible if you have the hardware/software to do so.
The main reason for working in studio is for supervision and quicker problem solving/access to input.
Most talent that work at home have established their abilities and therefore gain the privilege to work freelance--but its not common for 3D character animation.

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Thanks Ken.

I am an experienced 2D animator in Toronto and I'm doing as much research as I can to see if going back to school to learn 3D is a good option but I've been noticing that the majority of the studios for 3D animation, especially feature are in the US (of course;))

I'm not asking this question because I'm lazy, on the contrary, I'm a hard worker and I, know this industry and how hard it is but I have 2 young kids and I can't move from place to place anymore. I am thinking on studying at Animation Mentor but I am not sure if it will open the doors for me here in Toronto only. I was thinking if I am good at it and the US companies hired people to work off site, then I wouldn't think anymore, I would just go for it.

Thanks again for your reply

you can do it using freelance sites. you may also want to consider doing something like a short film or series. not just to showcase your skills, it will also help you stay sharp

working from home in 3D character animation is possible but we have to need high level of softwares/hardwares and studio for animation so its not quite easy to 3D animation at from home
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