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Another Lip Sync WIP

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Another Lip Sync WIP

Hello Everyone,

Please check out the below link and supply feedback accordingly.

As always, I really appreciate your input. :)

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Come on guys. 108 views and no critique?

It is appreciated you guys.



I did see it and thought it to be good but I do not do lip sync so I can not really be of any help.

Hi Animationhead,

I am sorry for not replying earlier. I really like the lipsynch, it suits the dialogue well. The one thing I felt was a little static, was the character's upper torso at the start of the clip.

I liked the finger click at the end, but the upper body could move more at the beginning. It's a very passionate piece of dialogue, so the actor would probably move accordingly.

Other than that, much better than the first one! :)

Thanks Ralph,

Your words are kind. And there suely is no need to apologize.

I will take a closer look at those words and "act" accordingly. :)

Thanks again bud.

(I'll be checking your work...:cool:)