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dance animatoin,,,, give critique

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dance animatoin,,,, give critique

You have all the right ideas for sure but its all just a little too restrained.

Go bigger with all your poses and build more arcs into the inbetweens. Remember, animation is a caricature of life, not a duplication of it. So, before you animate, draw-out countless thumbnails of your intended poses, getting bigger and bigger (in gesture) with each one.

Did you use reference? If so, draw and caricature the key poses from analyzing it and then work with the bigger and better thumbs in in your CG environment.

Good attempt though - just a little too 'safe'. :)

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Tony. :^{)}=-

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"The Animaticus Foundation"

Did you use reference?

Good attempt though - just a little too 'safe'. :)

Tony. :^{)}=-

I would like to know that also and if this came out of your own head how did you work up the choreography.

Yea, I agree about it being too safe.

I doesn't really "do" anything, its just movement.

I'd prefer to see some action with personality to it, something that says there's thinking behind the motion.
Entertaining stuff always seems to have a reason behind it........a person moves in an unusual way because they are thinking something peculiar which sparks the movement.
When an audience sees that sort of thing, they tend to become engaged and curious--they want to see more. That immersion into and exploration of the personality is where the magic happens.

I'd like to see some funny flourishes, sweeping gesture that suggests an ego, and then a stumble to quell the hubris. The the character isn't just moving, they are ACTING.

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It's ten times better than the hack-ass crap the local networks do here for TV ads for local business.

[I]I'll work 10 hours a day for $350.

Andreas does the photoshop posters for Paramount, gets $700 per day at 7 hours plus an hour off for lunch.

You do the math as to which is a better deal.[/I]

its still pretty good then

its still pretty good then the hack jobs tv commercials use nowadays