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my animation "no use crying on spilt oil"

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my animation "no use crying on spilt oil"

hi guys this is my first post, let me introduce myself. im cokbun a 2d/3d independent animator , i usualy make comedy shorts about events in real life. this time im wanna show you my mexico gulf oil spill animation, it's called "no use crying over spilt oil " i did the animation in 1 week or so, the hard part is the dubbing because english is not my native language and i even had to do a southern accent for the dick chenney character. anyways i had lots of fun doing it and i thought i'd share it with you guys . here it is, enjoy , and drop a comment or two :)

Well Done

I liked your animation and the ideas. But I think the speed of the voices slows the cartoon down a little too much. I know it must be hard to do voices in a 2nd language, but a bit quicker would help. Also, what microphone do you use? I use a condenser microphone (Shure KSM27). I find many animators use basic mics to record their voices, making the sound 'pop' and sound amateur, even when the cartoon itself is professional. I recommend investing in a better mic, it makes all the difference.

I did a cartoon on the Oil Spill myself. It's on YouTube, and so the audio is a bit scratchy. But if you want to check the sound I get using my microphone, please have a look, and let me know what you think.

Good. One thing, I think it lacks camera moves and variations (wide shots; close-ups; mid-shots; etc) to make it more dynamic.

hi guys, thanks for the comments, yes audio is one of my weakest points, i have an onboard audio card wit a generic microphone, i really should get better equipment if i have the money, and violeta thank you too the animation i was going for is a very minimalistic one, even the scientist explained so when he suddenly appear from nowhere :D, i was animating on impulse really, just cracking a few laughs for myself, and some friends. you guyscan check my other animation on