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P4blo say Hi

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P4blo say Hi

I already said hi in response on the first thread of this section, and it looks like i didn´t get unlocked.

So i´m going once more :D:

Hi everybody I am P4blo from Costa Rica.

I´m glad to join to the community I hope to make good friends, and learn a lot, and better jet I hope to be helpful for someone. I´m an freelance animator and designer in my country, I´m in process of produce some shorts I have in mind to get a little attention for the industry, maybe i´ll post some WIP here.

Nice to meet u guys!

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If u are an administrator please unlock me :(

If u are an administrator please unlock me :(


Hello Everybody,This is Suphwed from the US and am an animation student.
Hereby I do hope I will get enormous oppurtunities to avail information and share the various KNOW HOW as well.
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