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Books you recommend to read:

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Books you recommend to read:

Hi, maybe you would like to post and review some of the good books you´ve bought.

Here are some of my Suggestions:

This book teaches you a lot about the industry way of work, It helps you give a clear idea of how to walk by the animation carreer. Things like pitching networks, Working in studies, Freelancing and some more.


I was about to buy The art of Wall-e, but watching carefully and seeing reviews, I realized this is one of the books with more information of the art procces. Several books of "The art of..." only brings a lot of draws, without explanations or knowlege to offer in addition to the images.

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If u are an administrator please unlock me :(

If u are an administrator please unlock me :(

I have stopped buying books because I was not putting all that great information to work. There is a long list of titles that would be useful in anyones library.

The 'Kung Fu Panda' book is one I almost bought. If I ever start working with color theory these coffee table books would be nice to have around.

In the modern world, it is

In the modern world, it is very important to constantly develop and maintain a high level of knowledge, so everyone will be interested in reading the article / which deals with the book by John Steinbeck 'On Mice and Men' and a review of this work. It's no secret that this is a literary masterpiece of the era of the Great American Depression, after reading it, you will understand that this is a touching story of innocence, love and friendship, I advise everyone.

The Animator's Survival Kit:

The Animator's Survival Kit: A Manual of Methods

I am still in the midst of reading the book, but thus far I find the historical synopsis of Mr. Richard Williams' journey through his career quite fascinating.  I look forward to completing the entire book and derive as much information as possible.  I am very much anticipating reading more.  Highly recommended!