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Photoshop Jpeg Problem - Image Attached

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Photoshop Jpeg Problem - Image Attached

Hi, some of the files i am working on , when i try to save as jpeg or PNG i get this weird half tone on it, white dots always. screenshot is below

has anyone had this problem befor? any ideas/suggestions?

would appreciate any input.

The white dots aren't transparent, are they? Did you try reducing the image's layers before saving?

The first question that needs to be asked - completely without judgment, BTW - is are you using a cracked copy of Photoshop?

no i am not,we are using old ass copies of Photoshop 7 though, coz we havent upgraded in forever....

Half tone JPEG

From which software are you saving/importing from,

if the original image is fine, without the white dots. go to help you will see export transparent image. why there is an additional export in the help file I dont know. but you can do a transparent png from there.

you could also try using the cloner to get rid of the white dots on the bad image. you could also try removing white from the image but that might cause bigger problems