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Assistant Editor - PDI/DreamWorks, Redwood City, CA

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Assistant Editor - PDI/DreamWorks, Redwood City, CA

PDI/DreamWorks has an opening for an Assistant Editor at our Redwood City, CA location. This is a temporary position that will last 3-6 months, starting at the end of April.

· Responsible for the correct presentation of all materials related to the film
e.g story reels, workprints, previews, tape outputs etc.
· Primary point of contact with Technical Directors in production.
· Record and import scratch dialogue sessions.
· Responsible for creation of all tape and Quicktime outputs from Editorial.
· Responsible for the import and export of OMF, AAF and Quicktime files.
· Responsible for publishing all cut lists/EDLS and change notes to

· Animation/VFX assistant editing experience essential.
· Must have intimate knowledge of AVID Media Composer. Should have
experience using HD Avid projects, importing using file based workflow,
Film Scribe, down converting for Standard Def outputs.
· Must have technical skills for basic troubleshooting on Media Composer.
· Familiarity with AVID Unity Products. Understanding of Unity Media
Manager workspaces and basic maintenance such as deleting
precomputes and managing disk space.
· Familiarity with Linux/Unix operating systems is preferred.
· Familiarity with Pro Tools for scratch recording is preferred.
· Excellent verbal and written communication skills

To apply, please send your resume as an attachment and in the body of an email to: Please use "Assistant Editor - YOUR NAME" as the subject line of your email.