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Pig Me my graduation movie

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Pig Me my graduation movie

Hey all you wonderfull people!

This is my graduation movie Pig Me.

I hope you will like it


Mette Tange

That movie is insensitive to Germans!

Just kidding, excellent effort! Since you're from Denmark, are you submitting any of this to A.Film?

Hahaaaaaa! I do like germans :)

I am very happy that you liked the little film!

I dont live in Denmark at the moment but in France because of work and I dont know much about what A-film is doing at the moment sooooo... They better contact me if they like it :)

Well done, did you guys work up an alternate ending? I am not sure but did your group produce another animation with this pig? There was a 'work in progress' clip I saw last year but it was based at a farm.

Thank you Wontobe :)

You are properbly right that you have seen ideas with the pig on a farm... I dont think there have been a place where the pig havent been during the story development. I think/hope we ended up with the right thing :)
Its really fun for me to go back and look at the first sketches. They are so far away from what we ended up with in the actual film.

It was great, i loved the animation, I´m in process to do a 3d short film, I would like my characters moved like that!

If u are an administrator please unlock me :(

I loved the art, especially at the beginning, very baroque