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"Waist-deep in the swamp"

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"Waist-deep in the swamp"

On the "What to expect when you're an animator" thread ScatteredLogical said: "If there's ever a good time to hear the doom and gloom it's before you're waist-deep in the swamp..."

I'd like to get an idea of how many here are waist-deep in the swamp? Perhaps been through school, been animating or involved in animated films/series for a couple of years but not quite an old-timer?

Is the fire in your belly still burning? or at least smoldering? Feel creatively fulfilled? Still learning? Progressing?

Anyone left the swamp all together, perhaps doing your own animation and not focusing on making it a career?

Just curious. So many threads are from students and been-there-animated-that folks I was wondering about the middlings.