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Christmas Animation

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Christmas Animation

Here's a seven-minute short "our" studio in Cologne animated late 2008 until early 2009 for German broadcaster WDR. All animators and several others who contributed to it were taught at the animation program the IFS (Internationale Filmschule) in Cologne hosted a couple of years ago. It's a pity they don't have that program anymore, in my opinion.

Anyway, the short is based on a Swedish children's book. There's only German audio and no subtitles, at least until it can be sold to Britain or other English-speaking countries, but it's a cute little story in the style of the Swedish "Pettson & Findus" books which are hugely popular in many European countries today.

I did a bit of assistance work for some of the scenes at the beginning and animated some of the longer scenes near the end of the story. (I think the only character I never drew at all was the old farmer.)

Right now, we're still working on the Flash-animated Rudolf shorts, some of which are a real riot. I hope there will be some more material on them online during the course of 2010.

I had to go to a place with High speed to see the clip. Nice job, how many weeks did it take to produce?

I think we started animation in late October '08 and finished sometime in February '09. Four animators who did most of their own cleanup and inbetweens, and an intern doing partials for one guy.