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"The Young Man and the Sea"

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"The Young Man and the Sea"

"The Young Man and the Sea"

A young boy would rather build his own modest sandcastle than have a fantastic one created for him. (30 sec.)

This was my first 2D project using hand drawings and Photoshop CS4.

Crits and comments welcome.

Very nice, I really enjoy it. Did you shoot on two's because you like the way it looks? I also like the reverse special effects with the water and the sand castle, I hope I remember it.

So glad you like it!

Most of it is on 3's, actually, with some 2's. I do like the way it looks even if it's rough in places. There's just so much to 2D that I focused on story, timing and just getting the thing done. However, I do hope to improve on my inbetweening, staying on model, my timing, my drawing, my color, my everything for my next project.

Also, by the end of the project I was much more solid with my technique so I think next time there will less trial and error (and error and error) and I can spend more time on those things.

Nice work b'ini.
That is funny. No one is going to build a castle for THAT young man!!
I have always been intrigued with 2-D and that was a cute little clip.
Keep it up.