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Problems with a school??

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Problems with a school??

I got this in a visitor message a couple of days ago:

Hi there, I just want to warn you and other members from a user called Maxine who spams forums claiming her school is the best in North America. As an ex student during a year where 75% of the first year students were kicked out or left I just want to say to take her word with a pinch of salt. I dont want to make a big post so I'll just link to a thread on concept art dot org before she was banned from it. THis is a screengrab as the page is deleted now I think
Please please please be carefull when dealing with her, i ( and close to 40 students who were kicked out) would NOT suggest this school and as the link shows neither does an ex TEACHER from it.

Now, firstly......I object and dislike such things being sent to me as if a private whisper.
If the claims and statemenst being made are a legitimate gripe, then making them openly in these forums is the way to do it, and PMs are NOT.
There WILL be defenders and detractors in such a discussion, but hey, them the chances ya take.

Personally, I don't give a flying crap if someone had a bitch about Maxx the Mutt.
EVERY school has its detractors--and every school I have ever worked for has flaws and problems, but even good schools have their problems.
Heck, I founded what I believed what was Canada's first full length 3-yr comic book illustration programme ( based on a successful part-time programme I ran at VFS for many years) in Saskatoon in 2002--at a school that was rife with problems. Sadly that school went teats up inside of a year.....but I digress.

There's two sides to these kinds of stories. Students getting kicked out........oh, do tell? Why were they let go? Did the programmes have standards, and insist the students adhere to them? Did those student fail the curriculum? Is there evil afoot?

Sorry, just making claims that a "bad thing" happened, and that the school is to blame does not sit with me.
As a long time professional cartoonist AND a former professional teacher I KNOW there's more to it than what is being implied.
Hell, I've wanted to show many students the exit door over the years myself-but alas, school politics and tuition income dictate other approaches in such cases.

Yes, Maxine does pitch her school here......she's entitled to do that.
She posts here in a fair manner, and always comes across as personable and professional.
I do not think that AWN could ask more from a poster.
Does that mean that Max the Mutt (a school Maxine represents) is a GOOD school?
I don't know and cannot say, as I only have cursory knowledge of the place.
The court of public opinion can discuss and decide that matter, if it will.

But for me, don't raise this matter in a PM, certainly not to me. Its unfair and gutless and it makes the claimant look worse than the parties they are making claims about--and I'm simply not going to buy into what they say without a LOT more information anyways.

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"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)

"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)

Sounds like someone may have been kicked out themselves :P

I go to a high level art school, and I pay some crazy tuition. But people get kicked out all of the time there regardless of how much money they have. The periodic reviews in all the programs are there to keep the standards of graduating students high so the school doesn't soil their reputation. You have to be asked to continue. And they do it at pretty much every art school I can think of. Not like you can't retake a couple classes or spend a semester off, practice your shortcomings, and try again.

If you can't handle this sort of criticism during school how will you handle it in the real world?

"Why talk when you can paint?" -Milton Avery

When I was doing research for schools, I definitely looked at student feedback - pro and con. So, definitely post your comments. A private email isn't going to help anyone. Hight student turnover is a red flag for any school.

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