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HoBSoft: On a €6M prod. we can reduce cost by €1M at a fee of less than €200K

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HoBSoft: On a €6M prod. we can reduce cost by €1M at a fee of less than €200K

HoBSoft provides integrated production systems for animated feature films.

On a €6M production we can reduce production cost by €1M for a fee of less than €200K.

We have extensive experience from several international co-productions with budgets of €6M and above.

HoBSoft is hired as a department or team on your production.

First we help you develop workflows, editing procedures, IT-infrastructure, security strategy and much more.

Then we visit all the studios in your production and implement the procedures and strategies.

A HoBSoft contract always includes a license for our combined automation and tracking system.

HoBSoft is about reducing the total cost of production of animated feature films through:
[*]Reducing number of people by implementing automation.
[*]Reducing travel costs by improving communication.
[*]Eliminating expensive assembly in post production
Along with the savings, creative benefits are gained.
[*]Assemble the film in Final resolution every day for review,
[*]fast turn around times and
[*]Synchronized editing stations in different studios for common review of action during conference calls with supervisors.

Why is that important? Having such knowledge may significantly change the way your budget should be put together.

Study this page and the sub pages to learn about savings in Salary, Traveling and Post...

...and ponder for a moment that on an average 2D animation film there are in the order of 10.000 scene approvals (Layout, Rough, Key, Inb/Cleanup, Color, Composite = 7 milestones x 1400 scenes=9.800 approvals. 5% retakes pushes you up to ~10.300) for the director to do, and the same number to be supervised.

Each minute the director spends pr. approval means one month (at least) of full time director work, not counting the time to drink coffe, to pee or to be creative.

You must think the same way when it comes to the animators (and every one else on the production). Don't make them waste unnecessary time in uploading/downloading/importing/exporting/rendering/e-mailing/phoning/reporting... Each minute wasted pr scene = 1+ month salary that they could use for animation instead....

Animation is what it is about... right ?

Visit the HoBSoft website to see how we can help your production.

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HoBSoft Automated animation workflow for feature and tv-series

HoBSoft Automated animation workflow for feature and tv-series

great site and a truly useful solution. unfortunate, that i wont be working on a 6million production anytime soon....