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Whats your studio network/storage like?

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Whats your studio network/storage like?


i know some of the folks here are working for BIG studios and some just at home. but out of curiosity i was wondering what kind of systems do they work within.

i have 12 desktops and 4 laptops on a gigabit ethernet lan connected to a Dell Xeon Server attached to a 1TB NAS drive.

although i will say that when this project is over we are dismantling and redesigning not only the network and storage but even our approach to projects.

We have two 16TB SANs connected to five Mac Pros via Fibre Channel.

geez... what did the SAN's run you in cost ? if you dont mind my asking..

I just saw this, Newtek is coming out with a new product line called Lightwave Core. I might be wrong but from what I have read, you might wont to take a look at it for your own uses. All the tech stuff is way over my head but I thought you might wont to know about it.

thanks wontobe.. i looked at it. but it looks like something more appropriate for a CGI design house working in 3d and or vfx.

ours is mostly hand drawn traditional or flash content and our files dont reach too big a size. except for the photoshop stuff which is usually in the 200mb-700mb range.