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switching from traditional PC's to server & thin clients

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switching from traditional PC's to server & thin clients


i have been considering a switch from traditional desktops due to terrible hardware integrity and bad after sales..

wondering if anyone has ever worked in an environment where they ran Photoshop, Flash, Maya etc on server accessed by thin clients across the network...

i hope this isnt too technical.

try a workstation. there more stable

actually, the aim is to drive the costs down per animator and cut out the hardware maintenance issues.. bringing a workstation in would not change much..

thats why I started using workstations instead of desktops. I wasnt for constantly having to replace a part that died. so I starting using a computers that are meant to be worked like animals. whatever you decide to go with, I suggest using a motherboard that uses SLI or more than one graphics card. even if your not going to use more than one graphics card. they just run better and last longer.

Ive worked in places where everyone would access the same program from a single server but not those specific programs. but I dont see it being a problem. thats more of networking problem than anything else

thanks tyree, will look into it further..