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more feed back please

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more feed back please

i did a head turn from front to profile for one of my original characters, i tried to put in a slight anticipation before the turn but i dont think it reads very naturally, but i think overall its not horrible, but i want to improve it, any and all comments and critiques are appreciated

Not bad, but check the movement. I don't know whether this is just the keys or inbetweened already, but the turn looks a bit choppy which is partly because some drawings don't align with the general arc the movement is following. Concentrate ion the eyes and nose in particular because they will draw the watcher's focus. Also, try adding more inbetweens, especially during the anticipation. A one-frame-jerk sometimes works in very fast and snappy animation but this looks like it's meant to be a slower.

I think this can be more than just an exercise in a turning head. I think you can have the beginning of a nice little narrative of a young kid not quite ready to confess what he did. Hold on some of the shots - give him time to THINK.

However, the profile shot doesn't work for me. He's looking up, way up (at what?) he looks a little angry and his mouth looks disappointed. What if you stopped 2 drawings before that? at 3/4s and looking down. He looks thoughtful, contemplative, even a little remorseful. Pause a moment or two there and perhaps let him start to turn forward but then turn him back to the side again. Then he's ready to face the consequences (or whatever) and comes forward..

One thought about the profile - perhaps the ear can rotate down - it looks a bit sharp. It can be more expressive like Thumper getting in trouble with his mom.

yeah I think its looking a bit choppy or robotic as well, I think you've got some erm is it lateral rotation going on....bit hard to explain as well as the head turning youve got a tilt on the head, the tilt needs to be damped down as it's making your ark look glitchy. I would also make your anticipation a lot more subtle, either less move ment or it needs some tweening. Looking good though keep at it.

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Yeah, choppy, watch your arcs like everyone else said.

What I caught was your spacing is off between your drawings. By this I mean things will move far, then not very far, then far again. You want to have more drawings and closer together at the start and end of the movement. These are ease-ins and ease-outs. Or Slow-ins and slow-outs.

Also you have your start pose. Then the antic. Then the head goes back to the start pose. This is making the the antic look like a glitch drawing. What you want to do is have the head antic up and to his right. Then when it starts it downward motion have the face to continue a bit more to his right. Did that make any sense? I hope so.

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...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

This is what I was trying to explain about after the antic about arcing out.

The Ape


...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."