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Interview on Friday!

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Interview on Friday!

Hello everyone! I have an interview for an internship at Cartoon Network in Burbank this Friday (the 25th). Do any of you have pointers so I can impress them? I really appreciate any advice that you can give me.

Welcome to the AWN Forums Laura.

Dress nicely, speak clearly, make good eye contact, and be there early. Talk about how you can benefit the company. Most of all be friendly and personable. Every student love's animation and wanted to be an animator since they were a child and have been drawing since they were a fetus. What they are looking for is someone who is a team player, and do what is asked of them. Know that it's not going to be artistic in any way. You'll be making copies and filing and general grunt work. So you have to make it more about your personality and willingness to work hard, rather than your love of animation. Do mention your love of animation, but just don't dwell on it.

Oh, and make sure you don't have anything stuck in your teeth.:D

Good luck on friday.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

A few tips


Here are a few tips:

Do what was said in earlier post...and

Have your materials organized, labeled and looking professional.


Practice with a friend, a professor or a career counselor from your school. Video tape a mock interview to see where you need to improve.

Be prepared to talk about yourself. A favorite question is "So, tell us about yourself?" In fact, you might want to sit down and write out the answer to that question- so you can organize your thoughts.

Only bring your best work. A 45 second reel of great work is better than 5 minutes of "here's what I did in 8th grade". Do not make excuses for work.

Try to learn what you can from the process...for the next one.

Keep your answers positive!

If you ask you "Do you have any questions for us?" Ask something intelligent...(you could write them down ahead of time) for instance, ask about their production pipeline.


Do not make excuses for work.

Yes, YES!! That is HUGE!!! I hear so many people, and I find myself doing it from time to time, saying things like, "I didn't have enough time..." Artists understand you can always improve your own work, but when you make excuses, it sounds like you don't like your work and are not confident in it.

Yes write a whole bunch of questions down. Most likely they'll answer most of them, so have a lot ready to ask. You'll sound like you genuinely are interested in their company, which I hope you are.

And don't forget to breathe!

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Thanks guys! I'll keep all of this in mind, and I'll let you know how it turns out!

One more thing,

...if I'm not too late.

When shaking hands with your interviewer, have a wadded-up $20 in your palm. Trust me. ;)


Good luck!

So, it turns out this wasn't the "real" interview. Today, I talked to a nice lady in the Human Resources depot, and then next week is the "big interview". But, the lady liked me, so hopefully the person next week will like me too!

Interviewing is a process. Generally, it takes several passes to winnow down the candidates and make a decision. Sounds like you did well, since you're going back. Keep smiling, and go in KNOWING you can land the job. That confidence comes through. Good luck!

I got it! I start this week! Thank you so much for all the advice it really helped!

That's fantastic, congratulations!
Maybe you can share some of your experiences here, or if you have a blog in which you'll write about it, a link would be neat.

Congrats!!! Can't say enough about internships! Hope all goes well and you learn tons!!