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best way to do an fx like this? images attached!

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best way to do an fx like this? images attached!


need recommendations and ideas on getting a smoke, fire and explosion effect which needs to look like the ones below.

hand drawing the animation is not an issue.. the clean up/ink and paint + finishing is where i am stuck.

would love any and all ideas.


Hard to believe that you are stuck on this. I remember seeing FX in some of your commercials, but no explosions.

So, are you not sure how to handle the layers? Are going to do the FX in one bold stroke, as in, no layers?

thats usually done in a video editor or in 3d but most 2d programs like flash come with glow effect also. but thats all it is, the explosion has a glow around it

To get the glow effect working with layers isn't too hard. Draw up the explosion shape, fill it with white, give it a thick outline in the desired glow colour and blur it. Adding another top layer with a bigger shape in the outline colour more heavily blurred and set at low opacity will add more glow.
Which compositing software will you be using?


thanks for your input. compositing would possibly be AE... i thought that was how one would do it... just wanted to make sure since its being sent out to someone else.

we have done explosions before, they looked like this though

flat, with no smoke underlying. i think i figured it out now...


For effects animation, I'd suggest Joe Gilland's book: Elemental Magic.
Its probably the only, and best, guide to how to do effects animation on the market-and its authored by a master.

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thanks Ken, will look into it right away.