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Hello everyone,
I am working on a short film project in which everything is going to be done by me so this is the first scene shot of the film.
So in this my robot character is walking in the city I have also done its animation which I will post in animation section after render completes:)
so I want some critics on this image so I can improve it before final rendering of the scene.
I have used mental-ray renderer and day light system in it of 3ds max and render time is approx 15 minutes as I have rendered it in medium quality.
So I will be waiting for your critics and comments on it.
Best Regards,


Hi Pari,

It looks pretty good to me. I'm not sure if intentional as the theme seems to follow an off-kilter reality but the crosswalk(?) in the foreground looks a little off as it doesn't seem to follow the main perspective.

Good luck with your film btw. :)

Thanks Animation freak for your critic I will soon update it.
Thanks for replying this thread