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Lip Sync/Animation WIP

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Lip Sync/Animation WIP

Hey Everyone,

Please view the attached link and supply feedback at your convenience.
Thanks. :)

I removed the link here. Please see post and link further down! Thanks!!:)

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watch yourself in the mirror tapping your foot, watch how it effects your pelvis, watch your shoulders, watch how it effects the foot your not tapping. See if you can bring something of that to your animation.

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Thanks for the critique ezromation. Good point. I should have caught that.
How's the rest looking?


No one else cares to critique?
Please. I would really appreciate it.
Got 160+ views but only 1 critique.
Thanks in advance for caring. :)


To me the lip sync looked spot on, but I think the character could use lips.

I think he needs to breath a little more, perhaps move the shoulders and chest up when he breathes in. Maybe when he leans back for "hopeless romantics" it can happen a little earlier as he breathes in and comes out with "Ho". Nice start.

I like the lip sync. Looks good. I think where you could make it epic, is putting some real body language into it. Make it heartfelt. as an outside viewer, I kind of think the initial pose your working from is maybe a little awkward. a slight lean forward and feet shoulder width apart maybe isn't the best way to go. See how he looks standing tall, with his feet closer together. I like the arm coming up, build on that. Maybe To try and sell the singing to an audience, have him looking at particular audience members, it's like a serenade you know, check out some concert footage with great lead men/performers in this musical genre and try to incorporate some of the mannerisms that make them good performers. You cant go wrong with good ref. material, know what I mean? I look forward to seeing your finished animation.

Peace and happy journeys into your animation adventures.

Portfolio and Reel:

please check it out, and give me anything from advice, to comments, to critiques. Give me anything. I NEEED to get better and I need your help...yes you...

Thanks for the critiques guys! I really appreciate it. Points well taken. I will go back and adjust accordingly and see how it looks.
Sorry Wontobe, as far as lips are concerned, it's not my character and he is what he is. I appreciate that though. I guess it would be hard to sing without lips. But he will do his best. :)
Thanks for everything. Keep those critiques coming.
When I update it, I will post it accordingly.
Thanks again.


Hey Guys n Gals,

Below is a link to an animaton in progress. I posted earlier, but to be honest with you, I don't know how far along I was on it and when you click on the link I posted, it says that the user, ME, removed it from youtube.
Anyway, please check it out and give me some feedback!
Thanks as always!!


What if you came in closer making this a medium shot? That way the focus will be on the upper body and lip sync. Right now I find the lack of action in his lower torso a little distracting.

Yea, I was thinking about that due to the fact, like you said, there isn't much going on with the lower body except the foot tapping. I will try it and see what it looks like.
Thanks b'ini.


Ok, here's the same WIP clip but with a medium shot. See what you think folks.
Please let me know.
As always, thanks for the critique! :)


No one wants to comment? :(
I can take it, I promise. :)


I think that your are done, as far as lip sync goes. If you still wont to work on this character, you should focus on the chest and arms.

The arm movements scream karaoke to me. If you wont to do a lot more work on the chest, maybe get it to sync up to the song. You know, inhale, exhale.

This is what you are looking for?

Thanks Wontobe.
I will work on the inhale/exhale and see what I get.
I will repost when done.
Thanks again.