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Essentials of CG production and pipeline

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Essentials of CG production and pipeline

Clock and Flame Studios is pleased to announce the publication of “The Digital Visual Effects Studio: The Artists and Their Work Revealed.”

Concise, yet complete; this book offers a clear, easy-to-follow introduction to the use of computer graphics in film. Discussions focus on material of critical importance to directors, producers, studio executives and students.

Topics include:
o The titles and duties of the various crew members.
o The organizational structure of the team.
o The basics of the technologies behind the work.
o The differences between live action visual effects production and fully-animated projects.
o The components of the production pipeline and the tradeoffs associated with key design decisions.

To order, please visit our eStore at
or look for the book at in a few days.

Excerpts from the book, including the cover, index and table of contents, are available at the Clock and Flame website: