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Charlie Chaplin animation for the theater

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Charlie Chaplin animation for the theater

This is the animation we at Seagulls Fly made for the UCI theater. It will be shown before every movie. I hope you guys enjoy it

STUDIO: Seagulls Fly
SOUND: Manga Jingle
DIRECTORS: FlavioMac e Alan Camilo
SCRIPT: Paulo Visgueiro
3D ANIMATION: Alan Camilo
3D ARTISTS: Gabriel Loques, FlavioMac, Fabrício Moraes, Alan Camilo, Fernando Reule, Gustavo Duval, Raoni Nery, Felipe Lobo, Luiz Felippe Azevedo
STORYBOARD: Marco Potter
CONCEPT ART: Paulo Visgueiro, Marco Potter
ARGUMENT: Patricia Balsini, Luciana Jordão e Paulo Visgueiro
PRODUCTION: Luciana Jordão e Juliana Ferreira

Some screenshots:

Alan Camilo's picture

Very nice!

I like the flickering FX Charlie has, a great touch!

Your website is fab, as well!


Really well done!

I love this piece :)

~ Ralph

Love it!!

So smoking in theaters is still a problem in Europe. Very nice animation, are you dubbing it into other languages?