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Shooting Background Plates

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Shooting Background Plates

I am an editor working on an educational project that I have decided would work best with an animated character as the show host. I want the character to be super-imposed in front of a locked-off video shot but with little to no character interaction with the background other than looking like he is actually standing at that location, ie. on a sidewalk.

My questions are-

1) I want the character to be a 2D Toon Boom style character. I don't know this software and I just want to make sure that you can import QT video files to animate over.

2) Are there any techniques for shooting the background plates. I'm going to get a stand-in that I imagine will be the correct height and then shoot the plates empty. They are almost all exteriors under full daylight. Any suggestions?

3) I'm likely going to shoot with an HVX-200. Any perceived problems not using a higher quality camera. The intended distribution is for video I-pods so I figure I can get away with it.

Thank you in advance.

I've never animated anything like that before, but I figure you don't have to worry too much about getting the animated guy a perfect size. You can draw him, then import the video and resize if needed. If you do resize him, make sure toon boom draws in vector, not pixels (not sure, but I know flash drawings are vector and will resize w/o losing quality)

plates shouldnt be an issue as long as there is not much interaction in terms of props etc.

if you are working in a high enough resolution (HDetc) then ensure you shoot the plates in something similar or higher ..