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Animation in South Dakota?!?!? You Bet.

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Animation in South Dakota?!?!? You Bet.

Good People of Animation,

South Dakota State University is offering animation. Yep. After a couple years of development, students amy now major in general art or graphic design and take the animation discipline option. A presently unique opportunity in the upper midwest. For more information, visit

Your comments are welcome! See also the info below on the Animation fest for this Fall!

The 2009 SoDak Animation Festival, a unique screening opportunity is debuting this October 8-10, right here in South Dakota. I encourage each and every one of you to submit any work you, your pals, foes or even those precious students may have that we haven't seen out here - which is a lot. A strong partnership with a local animation company has allowed us to expand our animation exhibitions so that animation can be shared with more of the students, community and region at large. Indie shorts, student work, features, commercials and kids' stuff is all fair game for submission - and this year a few of the wondrous Golden Cowbell prizes are up for grabs.

Please visit - go to the Festival link and send something cool in. 100% of submission fees do go to student prizes to encourage animation education. Be a pioneer of animation and submit to this new opportunity on the prairie. Who knows, some of you may want to come out for a visit!

Submit today!

Thanks very much - Cable Hardin

Best of luck on your program

I actually scanned your program curriculum. It looks good. I must admit that I was surprised to find animation offerings in South Dakota. One normally doesn't think of South Dakota as a mecca for animation.

I wish you the best of luck on your program.

Animation in South Dakota is what I am all for! :D