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Sending Demos

A one who has yet to land a job in the field, (due to a lack of sending new demos) I am about to finish my new demo and have a question regarding location. I live in Las Vegas and really must move to start my career. (which I DO NOT fear, in fact, look forward to it).
Will companies frown on the fact that I must pack up and move to their city to start employment? Will they even consider me if I am as good as the next person who lives in their city? This is my only concern. I don't want to have to move FIRST and THEN look for employment. I'm hoping to get that call and THEN move.
What's the professionals take on this subject?
Kindly let me know what the pros and cons are, if you will.
Thanks so much for responding. v:)

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Make it as easy as possible for a studio to hire you.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Some general thoughts ... A lot depends on start dates. I did some background/layout work, went in for an interview on Thursday and started the next Monday. Obviously being local was a big plus. A lot of big studios that ramp up with temps have a larger buffer. As someone starting out, something in your favor is you aren't tied into a current project/contract. Timing becomes more important than location. A lot of experienced folks are busy and may need a few months notice or have to pass on an opportunity.

As far as the process goes, my studio looked at resumes & reels and if they were interested, scheduled a 1/2 hour phone interview before they asked anyone to travel. Then they had a face to face interview (on your own dime) and you'll be notified when when a decision was made - this could take a few days or a few weeks/months.

They have temp housing (for temps of course) but I'm not sure who qualifies for that. They don't expect people to relocate for 3 months.

Some advice, keep things easy on your end. Avoid long-term leases. If you're going to be moving hither and yon, avoid pets (although our 3 temps made it work). One brought her cat, one left her dog at her parents and the other left hubby and dog at home. Believe it or not, this was a concern for all.

Probably don't need to mention this, but if you do get an interview, contact other studios in the area and see if you can get in to talk to someone. Foot in the door stuff to make the most of your time/money.

Good luck!! How exciting!! Are you going to Siggraph in NO?

(not to be a downer but we looked at 60 candidates for 5 spots).

Network, network, network. A good recommendation goes a long way.

B' ini,

Thanks for the tips. I will indeed keep things as simple as I can, because when opportunity knocks, I will be answering accordingly.
I will be able to attend Siggraph in New Orleans as much as I want to! :(
As far as looking at 60 people for 5 spots...that does not concern me, as I am confident in who I am as a person and what I can do for any company that gives me the opportunity to show so.
Thanks again.


Thanks Animated Ape. Seems simplicity is one of the key factors!


Have you never worked in animation? If so, you might want to look for local opportunities before you move to someplace like L.A. and start slugging it out with more experienced animation artists for that elusive first job.

Vegas has loads of gaming companies that hire digital artists and animators. Look around town for a local gig, get some production experience, then head off to the coast and your dream job.


I failed to note that I am a 3D Character Animator and those jobs really don't exist in Vegas, hence my wanting to move. Unless I'm not looking hard enough. (There is one game company in town that hires occasionally, but they want generalists when they do hire)
I do check gaming sites (casinos) here in town, but 3D jobs in general are far and few between, never mind character animation positions. I'm really not a Motion Graphics guy.
I understand your view about getting my feet wet, but in the desert it's hard to do. :)
I know what I will be up against in a bigger city but I must do what I have to do to move forward, you know?
Thanks for responding.


i have given up on looking at peoples demos now. everyone has to come in and do a test and we decide things based on that.

i have had enough of falsified resumes and stolen demo reels. however thats just me, the ethics of a people here leave a lot to be desired.

sending your reel is the best way to get a call back i reckon... but im not sure how many production studios are around in Vegas

I failed to note that I am a 3D Character Animator and those jobs really don't exist in Vegas, hence my wanting to move. Unless I'm not looking hard enough. (There is one game company in town that hires occasionally, but they want generalists when they do hire)

There are far more than one game manufacturing company in Vegas that hire artists (I'm not talking about casinos). I've done work for a few myself - character animation - and I live in California.

It's true that they do tend to hire generalists, so if your skills are solely in animation, you may not be an ideal candidate.

Ultimately a career path is an individual thing, and each person must do what they think is best for their career. Good luck to you.


You ARE talking about 3D right? Who have you done work for here in Vegas, if you don't mind me asking?
I will be doing a Google search again to see if I can find more 3D game studios in town.
Did you live in town and were employed by the company or did you do freelance for them from California?
Thanks for the communication.


I've freelanced from CA - never lived in Vegas. And yes, I am talking about 3D. If I wasn't, it'd be stupid to continue the conversation after you stated you were a 3D animator, now wouldn't it?

I'm not interested in educating you on the job market in your own town, especially if the extent of your own research is a Google search. Good luck in your job hunt...


Forgive me, I forgot I put 3D in bold print! It would indeed be "stupid", as you put it, to continue this "conversation"!

There is no need to get nasty with me. I was simply asking about your experience in this town, NOT asking for an education! Thanks though!

As far as my job search goes, Google is surely NOT my extent on research! I was stating that I would search there to see what I come up with as far as companies go.