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Advise needed!! :confused:

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Advise needed!! :confused:

Hello people, can any1 help?? Im currently studying 2d animation for beginners and don't know wot to do next! alot of people are saying i need to do life drawing, and others say they are self taught, Argh! help me! lol
Thanks :o

Hey ya

Well m also noob around ths things bt i can tell ya somethin . .
See, it totally depends on ya... Do some of the life works on your own... POst them... review the comments u get and see 4 yrself if it comes within yrself or nt...... If nt, u can learn them.... and anyways, u can learn them anytime....

bst of luk


Life drawing is very important when learning 2D as well as 3D. You have to have a good understanding of anatomy to create a solid pose; one with good balance, weight and force.

I'm a firm believer you can only get so far self teaching yourself anything. There are too many questions that are left unanswered and no one there to tell you what you are doing wrong early on which can prevent little bad habits from becoming big habits.

My advice would be to find a good school with a good program with a good track record and learn from people that know what they are doing. If it's something that you really want to do why not do it right.


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