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Fabián Fucci - Animator and illustrator

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Fabián Fucci - Animator and illustrator

Hello everybody, I am new in this forum! Following is my self-introduction.

My name is Fabián Fucci, I am an animator and illustrator, with more than 10 years experience at local animation studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have worked in short films, commercials, educational video releases, corporate motion graphics, animated features, and videogames using traditional techniques, Flash, and Maya. I am currently engaged in self-funded projects, and working as a freelance artist on commissioned works needing visual development and production.

Some titles I have worked on as an animator and illustrator

(Bubbles The Fish © ASM Technology)

Music clip for Argentinian music artist Gustavo Cerati

Character design

Character for self-funded project

These are samples of my artwork, I hope to have the time to enhance and extend my portfolio, and to visit this forum more frequently. Although my web site isn't ready yet, more of my artwork can be seen in the links below.

[*]My deviantART gallery
[*]My blog[/LIST]

Critique, comments (anything constructive), or just greetings are always welcome.