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Adult Animation is not Porn!

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Adult Animation is not Porn!

I started this thread to ask the question: "why is it that when we say adult animation, the implication is that we are discussing a form of animated pornography?

I agree that there is a lot of animation and anime out there that is basically pornography. There has been a lack of clarification of what adult animation is. Mature animations on FOX is often thought of as adult animation but simply deals with adult themes.

For instance why are shows on CN in the adult swim slot considered not for children when some of the content is the same as shows that children view regularly on such shows as the Simpsons and Family Guy. In some instances these shows are more racy than those on adult swim.

The other mainstay is to classify anime as adult animation simply because it is anime. For instance, shows like Ghost in Shell would have much higher ratings on a weekday network TV timeslot than late at night to supposedly hide violent, adult, or intellectual themes behind the guise of being an adult.

So given this explanation, what exactly is adult animation:mad:

So given this explanation, what exactly is adult animation

Any animation that deals with adult themes.

How hard is that?

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why are you bothered by someone calling it porn, what matters is if its good are not. how graphic something is doesnt matter. animtion should constantly push in every direction. like every other artform, it is an artform of expression. when it becomes stagnant it dies. the dubbed versions of anime you see on carton network is usually a watered down version of the original. the originals are darker and wouldnt be played anywhere but channels like hbo or other pay channels

If you wont to start a campaign to bring in a new term, well you got your work cut out for you.

The rating system was started to give better definition between different adult styles of story lines. Maybe some there is a way to use the word adult with out conjuring up images of porn?

There are a number of anima that I think could run at an earlier time slot but not on the Cartoon Network. "Bleach" would do just fine at the 8:00 time slot but it would have to air on Spike or the Scifi channel.

I hate to tell you this, but it's not just animation. If I say I'm an adult film star, you don't think I'm Brad Pitt, but a porn actor instead. I think you have a better chance at branding a whole new name versus trying to change the planet's idea of what "Adult Animation" is.

Personally, I don't care. Someone asks what I do and I say I'm an animator, they usually ask more about it. This creates dialogue, and I love talking about animation and what I do.

Good luck with your adult animation crusade. :D

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I've pitched a couple of show ideas to producers and broadcasters, and I only used the phrase 'Adult Animation' once in order to find out I should never use it again.

Luckily I used 'racy' in the same pitch, to learn that's an even worse term to use. When someone think you're pitching a porn to them, it's nearly impossible to turn that conversation around.

I think most people are familiar with animation that's gear towards a more mature audience, and they should be able to grasp that concept once you start describing what the animation is about. Using the expression 'deals with mature themes, things that we all experience one time or another as we get older' seems to get around this - even though its a mouth-and-a-halffull.

I'm sure the Germans have a word that scrunches all that together.

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I'm thinking that to say adult animation is "anything that deals with adult themes" is really insulting to the intelligence of an older audience that would enjoy watching films in an animated format. If you attended a festival for adult animation based on what you find on the internet, I think we would all leave the theater a little redder in the face than we came.:rolleyes:

Sure some adult animation is pornographic, but is it pornography? The truth is the majority is just purely sexual in nature and in fact mimics the format of porn in animated form. That fact hurts the industry and artists who are trying to be more creative and stimulate the audience on an emotional level that is not just pretentious flash humor, or toons f*cking.:eek:

As for any type of crusade to change what we call this format, I'm all ears. I've never heard a german equivalent to the term adult animation but I'd like to know it anyway. Adult swim has taken us a long ways away from the fate of having no terminology at all for adult style animation but we can no longer look the other way at this and say that adult animated porn is just someones way of expressing themselves to a "mature" audience. It isn't artsy, it's really pornography and it really is immature. Pushing the limits of animation is another thing entirely, having more to do with technology and dialogue.:D

you should try your hand at anime. you wouldnt be limited by content then but the level of comepetition will go up dramatically. trying to convince an american audience not to be conservative. is a waste of time

So given this explanation, what exactly is adult animation:mad:

"Adult" means "not suitable for children."
In TV-speak, this translates to "intended for mature audiences."
If you don't believe that your 4-year-old daughter should be viewing a live autopsy, or that your 6-year-old son should be drinking Scotch, it's because you believe those things are not suitable for children; not because they're pornographic.

Most of us know what pornography is. It's the stuff that isn't allowed on TV, unlike Robot Chicken. Only the most ridiculous prudes and fanatics think Adult Swim is pornography, and we don't care what they think anyway because they're nutjobs.