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Tweety-birds circling head.... Reference Clips

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Tweety-birds circling head.... Reference Clips

Hi all,
I'm looking for some clips of birds circling a dazed characters head - classic cartoon scene...

I've searched YouTube and the Internet Archive but can't seem to find anything.

Can anyone think of specific cartoons that have this included that I can then try and track down?

Or even better some links to the cartoons themselves... either QTs, or YouTube....

Thanks in advance for any help!

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit "

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit "

ah yes, of course. thanks!

I'm pretty sure it happened in a few Sylvester/Tweety cartoons, but I can barely tell most of those apart from each other, let alone remember which one contained a specific gag.

The only Sylvester & Tweety cartoon where that did happen was at the end of A Pizza Tweety Pie (by Friz Freleng c. 1958). Here it is in Italian.

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