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Animation Professor Looking for How-To Videos

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Animation Professor Looking for How-To Videos

Hi All,

I am a Traditional Animation professor, and in my classes I like to show videos. But one thing I lack in my library are documentaries and "how-to" videos.

Can anyone out there recommend any 2D animation documentaries and "how-to" videos? (I have the Frank & Ollie doc, as well as the Chuck Jones' Extremes and In-Betweens doc.)

Many thanks,

The Hnad Behind the Mouse: The Ub Iwerks Story is really good. I haven't found it on DVD yet, but I think you can get it in VHS.

the Ape

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The Richard Williams' Masterclass DVD set seems excellent from what I've seen.
Although.....a self-motivated student may clue-in and say to themself, what the hell do I need this course for; I'll buy that DVD set.:rolleyes:

I am fortunate where I work we have projectors in every I have drawn with a camera hooked-up over my shoulder.
For Flash demos that I have repeated every few months, I now have a program that records the screen and my voice, kind of like those tutorials you see on Lynda. I can save and edit them for time compression. This is good for something that takes a long time like my backgrounds in Flash talk.

There are also the countless animation dvds out there that can illustrate your principle. Take your lecture and find scene(s) that illustrate your point(s).