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Any Recommendations For Animation-Related Interests in Paris?

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Any Recommendations For Animation-Related Interests in Paris?

Hi Everyone,

I'm off to Paris for a couple of days next month and I am trying to find out if anyone has any first-hand (or wishlist) recommendations for visiting animation-related interests there?

The obvious answer is Eurodisney but I'm saving that for when I have more time there.

I am interested in traditional, hand-drawn animation, comics, toys, cool bookstores with out of print animation books, art suppliers, art (classical and modern), etc and anything off the beaten track.

Regarding art, I am keen to visit the Louvre and Musee D'Orsay again as I didn't fully appreciate them when I visited them as a teenager, so recommendations of what to see in there are appreciated as are other gallery recommendations. Also does anyone know if there are any Bouguereau or Singer Sargent paintings in Paris?

Restaurants, cafes and bar recommendations are welcome too :D


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Visit my website:

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A cool museum is 'L'institut du monde arabe' (, near the Notre Dame. They have some gorgeous and very old arabic artpieces.

Lots of places for excellent food, but for a nice selection of choices close together you could check out the area around Place de la Bastille (metro exit La Bastille).

And of course there is Place du Tertre, but that could make a pretty big dent in your wallet.

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Thanks Dave.

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Here are my tips for Paris

Ahhhh Paris...

All the museums are already know that.

Up around the Sorbonne are some great little cafes...

Across the River Seine from Notre Dame on the Left Bank is the Shakespeare and Company bookstore...most of the books are in English. The owner is like 90 and has a daughter in her 20's. It was a hang out for the beat poets of the 60's and the landings of the stairs turn into crash pads at nights for writers anyou d poets and artists.

Also on the Left Bank across the river from the Louvre is the gallery section of Paris.

The San Michel section is a bit of a tourists trap - just find a cafe and people watch and sketch.

Montemartre and Sacre Coeur is a good place to check out.

Oh and ask about the local outdoor markets such as Rue Cler - pronounced "clare" (near the Eiffel Tower).:)

Have fun!

The Boulinier, on St. Michel, has the top floor only for comics. I found some good stuff there. Worth checking out.

Oh yes, comics!

Hello again,

We found several comics places on St. Germaine- just east of the St. Michel area.

A street that parallels Rue St. Michel to the east had a small theater that was screening animation/anime.


Not sure if this is a idea but you could check out Moonscoop's "Code Lyoko" a number of scenes in that animation are in France...I think.

Thanks everyone, this great stuff to help me plan my time!

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