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Seeking Asian 2D Artists!

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Seeking Asian 2D Artists!


I've posted more than a thread before, but because we're just establishing our new company & studios, we've been working hard on the company's main structure & on the concept of our first product, which have changed and reached a final plan:

We're about to launch a complete production studios at our company in KSA, and we're now seeking for a creative team and artists, and since we're located in the KSA (GCC) we're looking for Asian artists, from (Philippines, India or others) to join the producers/writers in the project's production process.

The product is (2D TV animated series) and the team's main requirements are:
> Artistic
> Friendly, passionate and hardworking
> Talents & Skills:
(Pre-Production): Illustration, painting, character & background design, story-boarding, layout design, timing)
(Production): 2D Animating ability (Cut-out) (key & inbetween) (Four legged animals animating ability. (The show has no humans)
> Trained on Toon Boom technology (Could be trained if not applicable)

Those are the main requirements we're looking for. If you're willing and excited to join us, which will be very supported since it will be the first show locally, and the oppurtunity is very high regarding the project and the future projects as well.

We'll be glad to be contacted soon and receive your info (resumes & sample works) at:

Thank you, and looking forward to team up,

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