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What Animators Do (Smart Answers)!

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What Animators Do (Smart Answers)!

Hi everybody!

I'm about to apply for a summer animation internship with the Emmys Foundation. One of the prompts on the application was to describe my "perception of what a professional does in this category." I'm still a student and have never set foot in a animation studio-- but nevertheless:

"If it’s character animation, the animators are like actors. They bring the characters to life, not just by making them move, but by moving them in such a way that they appear to think, desire, and react. While other people are usually responsible for creating the characters, animators get to create the expression of those characters through movement.

"On the technical end, animators work to make movement believable; that means having a feel for force, weight, momentum, and other elements that influence motion. Animators also need a good understanding of perspective, a feel for proportions, and the ability to duplicate previous work. In addition to the draftsmanship required for animation, many animators must be able to learn new software quickly, since studios often use customized animation programs which are constantly being updated."

These are my ideas based on what I've heard and seen. It feels wrong to over-generalize "what animators do," since everyone seems to work differently. I don't want you to answer the question for me, but would you let me know if I've written anything particularly silly? :)

Thanks folks! I've missed you guys.

T. King

Keep you web site going, if you can.


Ah... That thing has been defunct for years. I don't even remember the password for it anymore. I've deleted the link to avoid further embarrassment!

Sorry about that.

Anyway, does the bit of writing look okay?

Sure, writing is would be fine. My guess is that you are not going to have time produce any more work with you characters. The last episode I remember was a Christmas skit.

Any way good luck.

I think that answers it perfectly. I mean, technically, I'm still pending for an internship, but I can tell you got it for a reason. I suggest you add something about reacting to the environment/other characters/sounds/musical score/ect., just to really show you have good communications with other departments of the animation studio.


Thanks Wontobe. And thanks LilGrim! Best of luck for your own internship.