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Character design pricing

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Character design pricing

Hi there,

Does anyone have any advice on pricing for character design? Say for example I'm freelance and I design a character for a client, what guidelines should I use when charging them?

Thanks, any advice much appreciated. :)

Some basics!

Hi nethken!

I think there is some basics to know how much to charge. First is how much time it takes to you to finish a character design? Take an average if that time usually vary depending on the character itself. For that it is important to track the time of your work, personal or client.

Another aspect to know is how much do you spend or need for living in a month for example. To that amount you need to add any business-work costs for the same period of time. Then divide the result in the number of hours you will work during the same time (160 hrs for example) and you will get your first hour rate. Be realistic!

If you know the time some work takes you and your hr. rate, the final math is simple ... Ok, just multiply A * B.

This a basic approach to how calculate your rate. There are many variables to take in count and one of them is the market and how much your competition charge. You will prune and improve this on the fly, by try and error. There is no a magic formula, each freelancer has they own method. And I'm sure you will find yours.

But I hope this helps for a start.

Good luck!


Hi Ocampos!

Thankyou for your response, it was very helpful. It clears up how to charge for the time taken on a piece of work.

But, what about copyright? Say a client wishes to own full copyright of a character, that is surely going to cost more than a character design with limited rights. How does one charge for the intellectual property aspect of a character design? Any ideas?

Thanks again!

Kenneth :D

I think some artists charge

I think some artists charge way too much money for their art and that's why they're not getting any business because it looks like they're trying to rip people off or something. They're probably charging thousands of dollars for a drawing when it should only cost about $100 for something like that. You should also try source to download Kids templates for free. In my experience, most artists will charge less than $100 for character designs because they have other jobs where they make more money from other projects and so forth.

I think that character design

I think that character design pricing is a very interesting topic because it is something that everyone has to deal with. I think that the price of character design services should be based upon what kind of character you want to create. A brand named outlawchew also makes interesting products.  I also think that if you want your character to look realistic then it would cost more money than if it were just an animated cartoon.