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Production Team Needed!

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Production Team Needed!

Hello everyone,

We're a new media company located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we're seeking professional & creative people for our first project, which is an Animated Series for TV:
- The show is classical/cut-out styled
- 22 episodes
- 10 minutes per episode
- The Characters are 4 legged animals
- The Backgrounds are digital paints

We're looking for the complete production staff, animators, designers, painters, and others. The artists will have a great deal for working on the show, and it's possible to get the needed training on the software's as well. The production will take place in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the show will be one of the first of its kind in the region. All the artist's matters will be taking care of. Plus, if the artists have the potential and decided to continue working with the company, we're planning to launch another production studio in Dubai, UAE. and have a great deal.

We'll be happy to receive your information very soon, via the email or through this msn messenger >

Thank you,,

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Animated Life

Animated Life

Just to let everyone know, since their contact email is close enough to my own contact email, that these folks are NOT affiliated with Ken Davis Cartoons or myself.

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