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b'ini - figure drawing 2008/2009

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b'ini - figure drawing 2008/2009

I started a blog to keep track of my figure drawing. I was able to attend nearly all the sessions this fall and hopefully I'll do the same this spring.

I'll be working on the usual - weight, proportion, anatomy, gesture, mood, etc. and would appreciate any comments/crits. I'll be posting a sampling here but feel free to comment on my blog, too.

I like some of your figure drawings. The looser more free flowing drawings have more energy and weight to them, where as your tighter drawings, where you use value and flesh out the whole figure get flat. It almost seems as if you're drawing what you think you see.

anyways there is a lot of potential, keep up the good work.

Thanks for the input. I hope to bring some of the energy of the quicker line drawings to the more finished pieces. There is a connection between the energy of the shorter poses in that the models tend to strike quick, dynamic poses for the 30 sec/1 min. drawings and more comfortable, less dramatic poses for the longer, 15 minute poses. However, flat is no good and not my goal in shading.

The next session starts next week so I'll be striving to capture the energy, weight, gesture and movement in both line drawing and shaded.