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Req. for Animation Project

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Req. for Animation Project

WELCOME TV Series ANIMATION- BUYER'S / Producer / Distributor - Get best Rate of the ANIMATION.......

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Concern providing 2D Animation, 2D Cell Animation, Edutainment Animated Story, Animated TV Series and Animated Feature Film / Music Video Etc. Located in Kolkata, India. It will be our ultimate pleasure to provide our services to you.

Presently we are searching Outsource Work like 2D Animation, Cell Animation, Animation Feature Film, Animated TV Series, CD/DVD Stories, Animated Music Video , Inter Active, Documentary, Educational CD / DVD Etc.

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Best Regards
Amitava Sengupta
Marketing Manager, Aniway. Kolkata. India
M: +91 9230570506

We give you a quality Animation & Best Rate- pls. contact

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Mail address:
Ph: +91 33 64578100 / 64578200 / 64578400

got any job

Have u got any job?

WEB site:

Your site seems to suggest that your studio doesn't have the same animation and art quality as some studios in Korea and/or China.

How can you have the best rate cost if your animation standards aren't the best rate?

Animation writer who loves...Animation!