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Just some quick doodles.
I'm trying to create a more realistic feel to my drawings, and could use some advice on how to improve upon that.
The drawings themselves are really eclectic and random, but bare with me for now.

Pretty nice doodles. When you say you want to be more realistic, in what manner and how far?

When I mean realistic I mean that the drawing itself is clear enough that when people look at it, they will look at it as the subject itself. So if I draw a guy standing in a suit I want people to say "Thats a drawing of a guy in a suit." Rather than have them say "It looks like a cartoony drawing of a guy in a suit, or an anime interpretation of a guy in a suit."

A good example of what I'm talking about would be,

There is a combination of sketchiness and realism in his drawings and I want to achieve something similar to that. I don't want to ape him, but I want my drawings to have "that" sense of realism.

You're getting there. The link you gave shows someone who clearly draws a lot from life and is able to extract the bare minimum to show the essence. He's possibly using reference to start with but shows a clear understanding of the human form. Also he omits outlining everything to give a more fluid rendition and that knowledge comes with time. So it's hard work and tons of practice.

2008 winter drawings

Just some more doodles from my moleskin.
crits welcomed.

click on image to enlarge.