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Indian Animation Bleeding - Layoffs happening

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Indian Animation Bleeding - Layoffs happening

Over the last few weeks i have been getting calls from a few ex-employees and others in general asking about vacancies at our studio.

Apparently a studio taken over by a large group with varied interests has announced a 40% cut across studio staff in their animation and gaming initiatives. The animation studio has 2 more months before they finish a project they are working on and must look elsewhere after that. if they quit before hand they will be devoid of credit on the project.

I have also heard of another animation studio famed for its size, big deals for having laid off a large number of animators as well. There was some blood letting a few months ago as well in Bombay based studios.

I wonder where this will lead as a lot of studios have now been working on their own projects. Some of the new bigger entrants had enticed people from smaller studios by paying them at times 40% more to quite and move. Now they are left holding the bag.

Should this drive the wages down ?

you are right

100% right? where our nimation industry is going. In one end we are listening that animation is growing faster than any other industry and there is huge opportunities in this field but on the other hand no vaccency and no project and yes now the animaton companies are doing their own project.
If it leads definitely there is a huge down size and WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THIS FILED.
As a management team what are we going to do?